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The rapid pace of technological development is affecting every aspect of our society, and that naturally includes education. To build an independent existence in the future, children have to be prepared for the emergence of new technologies and taught how to use them. And that is the task of schools, which have to help children to learn how to survive in a world in which more and more of our private and working lives are spent online and in which the volume of data available about our lives, learning processes and work is consequently growing exponentially. Data which in turn feeds learning software in intelligent machines such as robots, self-driving cars and miniature devices on and inside our bodies and all around us. This ecosystem demands an infrastructure that allows us to communicate (network), store data and software (cloud) and interact with machines and with each other (devices). Schools have to respond to these trends by enabling students to develop their talents, differentiating in teaching practices and offering personalised education. And there are various technologies available to help them achieve that.

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