ATII Work Project #3: Final Report - Flexible Access Network Virtualization

Paper · Apr 2020 with 65 Reads

Gede Astawa, TELKOM Indonesia
Hiroo Suzuki, NTT Jepang
Tri Trinh, VNPT Vietnam


Successful completion of joint PoC on access network virtualization technologies between APAC telecom carriers and release of the final report. The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), PT. Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom Indonesia), and Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) have been a driving force behind the APAC Telecom Innovation Initiative (ATII), a joint research and development initiative with the view to create new network services in the APAC region and to establish access network virtualization technologies that flexibly support such services (launched in April 2017). Working Project #3 (WP3) in the ATII is focused on access network virtualization technologies. As a part of its activities, it released the APAC telecom carriers' common carrier grade requirements on access network virtualization as a white paper in March 2018. After releasing the white paper, members of WP3 planned to conduct jointly a Proof of Concept (PoC) of zero-touch provisioning considering use cases described in the white paper. They have established a common testbed environment for access network virtualization technologies using a VPN connection between three laboratories located in Tokyo (NTT), Bandung (Telkom Indonesia), and Hanoi (VNPT). WP3 has successfully conducted performance tests, clarified technological issues to be addressed in the future, and made a brief final report on the following three topics. “Simple access line opening” “Application to IPv6 services” “Virtual firewall function on CORD?4-in-a-Box (CiaB)” By leveraging this achievement, we plan to contribute continuously to the spread of access virtualization technology and international standardization.

Topic : Access Network Virtualizatio, virtualization, Broaband Access

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