Internet of Things: Wireless Sensor Networks

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Today, smart grid, smart homes, smart water networks, intelligent transportation, are infrastructure systems that connect our world more than we ever thought possible. The common vision of such systems is usually associated with one single concept, the internet of things (IoT), where through the use of sensors, the entire physical infrastructure is closely coupled with information and communication technologies; where intelligent monitoring and management can be achieved via the usage of networked embedded devices. In such a sophisticated dynamic system, devices are interconnected to transmit useful measurement information and control instructions via distributed sensor networks. A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a network formed by a large number of sensor nodes where each node is equipped with a sensor to detect physical phenomena such as light, heat, pressure, etc. WSNs are regarded as a revolutionary information gathering method to build the information and communication system which will greatly improve the reliability and effi ciency of infrastructure systems. Compared with the wired solution, WSNs feature easier deployment and better fl exibility of devices. With the rapid technological development of sensors, WSNs will become the key technology for IoT.

Topic : IoT, Wireless Sensor, Networks

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