APAC Telecom Carriers' Common Requirements on Access Network Virtualization

Post date: 02 Apr 2018

NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation), Telkom (PT. Telkom Indonesia Tbk), and VNPT (Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group) have summarized APAC telecom carriers’ common carrier grade requirements as regards access network virtualization as a white paper, one result of ATII*1 that was launched in April 2017 to jointly promote network services research and development. ATII will continue to conduct joint R&D so as to satisfy these requirements.


After establishing the framework of ATII, the three APAC telecom carriers have been jointly advancing technical studies and Proof of Concepts (PoCs) to develop the requirements for new network services in the virtualization era and create new network services in the APAC region with a view to work beyond 2020.

WP 3, a project focusing on flexible access network virtualization in ATII, is considering common technologies on access network virtualization among APAC telecom carriers.


This time, from the viewpoints of reducing costs while enhancing the flexibility of access networks, each company raised respective use cases on access network virtualization, analyzed the use cases, and extracted requirements common to all three companies.

Based on these common requirements, we aim to diffuse access network virtualization technologies by promoting technical studies and international standardization activities.

The white paper is posted on the following websites.

- FASA Homepage(NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)(Launch in New Window)

- Telkom Homepage (http://indonesiadrc.id/publication/a/apac-telecom-carriers-common-requirements-on-acces)

- VNPT Homepage


* ATII (APAC Telecom Innovation Initiative): "NTT and Telkom Indonesia have launched the "APAC Telecom Innovation Initiative (ATII)" to  create new network services in the APAC region based on virtual infrastructure technologies," (NTT Press Release, Apr 17, 2017.)

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