IP and Optical Convergence: Use Cases and Technical Requirements

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The main goal of this white paper is to identify the most relevant use cases and technical requirements for IP&OC (IP and Optical Convergence). IP&OC can be achieved through multiple angles: data plane integration (colored interfaces), multilayer control and resilience, multilayer planning and management. All of these pieces are not necessarily put in place at once. A network operator, making its way to IP&OC, does not need to deploy these capabilities all at once. The network type, topology and size, the network operation processes, the network life cycle (in place, to be replaced, new deployment) and the network migration steps will have a clear influence on the need for one, several or all of these capabilities. At the end of this document, a table provides the interest level per contributing network operator for each of the identified use cases.

Topic : IP&Optical Convergence, Data Plane Integration, Multilayer Control, Multiplayer Planning

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